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I like the mixture between point n' click adventure and shooter. The graphics are so cool (I loooove the gorgeous pixel art this game has) and the music. It's brilliant, I hope you can use it for a bigger game. 

Thank you for playing! :D
And yeah, if I make a bigger scale of that game, it'll definitely have the same kind of graphics! And hopefully the same kind of music!

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That's pretty good to know. I'll stay in contact. :)

Forgot to share my let's play of your game when I uploaded ya go:

bastante original desde mi punto de vista. muy bueno !

Gracias, me gusta saber que lo encuentras original! :)
(disculpa, no hablo muy bien español)
Thank you for playing!

Incredibly fun! 

I wish I could say more but I enjoyed the artstyle!  this is an example of pixel art done amazingly!


Thank you for the kind words! :D
And thanks for playing!

if its alright to ask, what did you make the game in?


I used Game Maker Studio 2 :)

(Pixel art with aseprite and digital painting with Clip Studio Paint)

Looks great!

Thank you! :D