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A Tiny Explorer In A Tiny World is a bad game in which you don't have much to do.
Also, don't tell anybody else but... there is a secret disco mode.


- Arrow keys - move left and right
- R - Generate random vegetation (doesn't make much of a difference)
- Esc - Quit the game (with confirmation message)
- K - Has no purpose in this game

Softwares used:
- Game Maker Studio 1.4
- Aseprite
- Audacity
- Fruity Loops
- Beepbox

Personal note:

First Ludum Dare entry! And fourth jam in my coding debut. Got in a bit late and didn't have that much time but there you go. I hope you won't dislike my game too much, I am still a beginner. :)

Click HERE to be redirected to the Ludum Dare page!


A tiny explorer in a tiny world 3 MB
Project file (Game Maker Studio 1.4) 2 MB

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