A downloadable game for Windows

Unfortunately unfinished. Still playable though, but it doesn't have as much as I've planned. Let's call it a prototype!


qweasd/azeqsd: defense

uiojkl: attack

esc: pause

alt+enter: toggle window size (128, 512 or 1080)

space: increase xp (it was a debug tool, but since it's unfinished, might as well use it)

How to play:

During attack:

The stamina depletes. If it goes to 0, your turn is over. If you hit the right button, you stack up damage and build up combo that multiplies your damage. all the accumulated damage is dealt to the enemy once you miss (meaning you'll lose your combo) or when the turn ends (when the stamina is depleted). Missing makes your stamina deplete faster. You cannot lose health during attack.

During defense:

You charge up your stamina over time. Each successful hit charges your stamina. If you miss, your stamina charges faster but you lose health (equivalent to how much the enemy damages you). You cannot build up combo during defense, but you can lose it if you miss. When your stamina is fully charged, you engage attack mode again.


You can reach until level 20. You can evolve 2 times (at lvl 7 and at lvl 13) but it's only visual. I planned each evolution to be tied to a world.

What the unfinished version is missing:

3 songs (credits, boss and final boss) - that are already done

2 worlds. The human world (where you'd fight humans, pets) and the sky (where you'd fight gods and angels trying to stop you from growing)

many, many enemies. ( i had planned about 7 per worlds, each with specific button patterns)

3 Bosses + the final boss. 1st boss: a dangerous virus. 2nd boss: a tank. 3rd boss: God himself. The final boss is the earth.

Easter eggs. This one is such a bummer! I planned to have myself as an enemy and a few other friends. (yes, I am my own friend too)


petite_ombre_by_kwisarts.zip 85 MB


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Lovely! Awesomely polished game with very interesting mechanics! <3

Well, not sure I can say "polished" considering it's far from finished but thanks :D