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Sandwiching The Void is a game about how to deal with empty sandwiches. Do you have what it takes to understand the sandwich?

Disclaimer: This game might touch the sandwich buried inside your soul. By playing this game, you agree that everything you feel during the (intense) gameplay is not of my responsibility. Please be a kind sandwich eater.



Only uses the mouse.

You can press alt+enter to switch fullscreen.

The good ending is a secret ending. I challenge you to find it!
(Clue: don't be afraid to let the emptiness settle in)



I chose the theme Void Sandwich, in case it was not obvious enough.

By doing this jam, I completed the following Shenanijam achievements:
8. Mozart - compose your own music.
13. Maverick
- Your team size is 1.

All the assets were made by me, Kwisarts (visuals, sounds, and code)

I was so focused on the jam  and tired that I didn't think of a better name for the game than Void Sandwich. It should have been called a very fancy name instead, like Sandwiching The Void.
Ok now the game is called Sandwiching The Void.


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void_sandwich-by_kwisarts.zip 3 MB


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I have found the hidden good ending and have to say that I have loved your approach to the game concept very much. <3 Far too rarely do games have the ability to challenge the patience of their recipients and then to reward them. That was a wonderful moment for me. :) This is also one of the main reasons why I added your game to our compilation article about the Butterscotch ShenaniJam 2018, in addition to the awesome pixel art. Also, one minute of gameplay can be seen in the accompanying video (but not how to get to the special ending, hehe). <3

Best wishes,


Oh I am glad you got the good ending! I squeezed it in especially for those who are passionate or deserving. :)
I also hope the multiple hints thrown there and there help! I'm not sure if the good ending is obvious enough since it requires to think outside the box.

Thank you for playing! ♥